Suggested Names for New Parish

Below you will find a list of proposed names submitted as suggestions for our new parish.

Based on the rules as outlined for the naming process some of the names below do not meet the requirements. We will be working on providing reasons as to why the name entered cannot be used. If the name entered does NOT have a CAN NOT BE USED REASON filled in then that name is valid and can be put forward as a possible candidate.

Holy Trinity44Taken
St. John Paul22In Use
St. Joseph22Taken
St. James21Taken
St. Agnes19Taken
Holy Family15Taken
Holy Spirit Parish13
Holy Angels Parish12
All Saints11Taken
St. Madeline Sophie Barat11
St. Gabriel10
Sacred Heart8Taken
St. Anthony8In Use
St. Francis Xavier6
St. Edward5
Regina Mundi5
Halifax St. Thomas St. Agnes4In Use
Holy Redeemer Parish4
Queen of the Family4Does Not Meet Criterion
St. Thomas Aquinas4In Use
Stella Maris4In Use
Blessed Trinity3In Use
Christ the Redeemer3
Lamb of God Parish3Does Not Meet Criterion
Our Lady of Good Council3
Our Lady of Hope3
Our Lady of Peace3
Our Lady of Sorrows3In Use
St. Francis of Assisi3In Use
St. John the Apostle3In Use
St. Pius3Taken
Canadian Martyrs2In Use
Church of Divine Mercy2
Church of the Good Shepherd2
Fr. McGivney Parish2Does Not Meet Criterion
Notre Dame de la Mere2
Our Lady of Fatima2
Our Lady of Lourdes2
Parish of Wealth2Does Not Meet Criterion
Pope John Paul 2In Use
Queen of the World2
Resurrection Assension2Does Not Meet Criterion
St. Andre2
St. Augustine of Hippo2In Use
St. Basil2
St. Bernadette2
St. Bernard's 2In Use
St. Christopher's2Does Not Meet Criterion
St. Jude2
St. Kateri Tehahwitha Parish2In Use
St. Martha's 2
St. Mary's 2In Use
Virgin Of Guadalupe2
Assension1Does Not Meet Criterion
Blessed Trinity Canadian Martyrs1Does Not Meet Criterion
Canadian Saints Parish1Does Not Meet Criterion
Children of God Parish1Does Not Meet Criterion
Church of Saints1Does Not Meet Criterion
Church of the Blessed Trinity1Taken
Church of the Healing Heart1Does Not Meet Criterion
Disciples of Christ1Does Not Meet Criterion
Divine Mercy of Jesus1
Faith, Hope & Charity Parish1Does Not Meet Criterion
Fathers of St. Agnes1Does Not Meet Criterion
Glorious Holy Spirit 1
The Good Shepherd1
Guardian Angel Parish1
Holy & Divine Parish of Halifax1Does Not Meet Criterion
Holy Ghost Parish1Does Not Meet Criterion
Holy Hogwarts 1Does Not Meet Criterion
Holy Infant1Does Not Meet Criterion
Holy Martyrs1
Holy Orders1Does Not Meet Criterion
Holy Union of Faith Parish1Does Not Meet Criterion
Hope Church1Does Not Meet Criterion
Immaculate Conception 1In Use
Kindness Parish 1Does Not Meet Criterion
Little Flower Parish1In Use
Martyrs Church1Does Not Meet Criterion
Mary, Star of the Sea1
Mass Times1Does Not Meet Criterion
Monsignor James Hayes1Does Not Meet Criterion
Most Holy Apostles1
Mother Mary Parish1In Use
Mother of Compassion1
Mumford Community Parish1Does Not Meet Criterion
New Nazereth Parish1Does Not Meet Criterion
Our Lady of Angels1
Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament1
Our Lady of Mercy1
Our Lady of the Sea1
Our Mother of Perpetual Help1
Outreach Chebucto1Does Not Meet Criterion
Parish of Love and Light1Does Not Meet Criterion
Parish West1Does Not Meet Criterion
Pope Francis Parish1Does Not Meet Criterion
Pride Acceptance Church1Does Not Meet Criterion
Roman Catholic Community Parish1Does Not Meet Criterion
Sagrada Famila Catholic Church1
Southwest Trinity Pastoral Unit1Does Not Meet Criterion
St. Adjutor1Does Not Meet Criterion
St. Agnes Aquinas1Does Not Meet Criterion
St. Agnes of Mumford1Does Not Meet Criterion
St. Agnes Thomas West End Parish1Does Not Meet Criterion
St. Aloysious1
St. Andrew's1In Use
St. Angela Merici1
St. Anna's1
St. Anne's1In Use
St. Bede1
St. Bennett1
St. Cecilia1
St. Christ1
St. Dominique1
St. Elmo1
St. Emmanuel1
St. Faustina1In Use
St. Frances & Clare1Taken
St. Gerald1
St. Grace1
St. Gregory 1In Use
St. Ignatius1In Use
St. Isaac1
St. Jason1
St. Jean Vianney1In Use
St. Jeremiah1
St. Jesus1Does Not Meet Criterion
St. Joan of Arc1
St. Joan of Domremy la Pucelle1
St. John the Baptist1In Use
St. John the Evangelist1In Use
St. Joseph & Mother Divine1Does Not Meet Criterion
St. Josephat1
St. Justin Martyr1
St. Lawrence's1Taken
St. Louis & St. Zeli Martin1
St. Lucia's1
St. Lucy1
St. Luke the Healer1
St. Margaret's1Taken
St. Mark1
St. Maximlian Kolbe1
St. Michael1In Use
St. Nicholas1
St. Olga of Valdemar1
St. Patrice Muria1
St. Patrick's1In Use
St. Peter's1In Use
St. Theresa's1In Use
St. Valentine1
St. Vincent de Paul1In Use
Visitation1Does Not Meet Criterion
STACMAG1Does Not Meet Criterion
The Parish of Love1Does Not Meet Criterion
The Parish of Three Saints1Does Not Meet Criterion
The Remnant1Does Not Meet Criterion
Three Cross Parish1Does Not Meet Criterion
Transfiguration Parish1
Unity Church1Does Not Meet Criterion
West End Catholic Parish1Does Not Meet Criterion
Jesus, Light of the World Parish1
Blessed Sacrament Parish1
Redeemer Parish1
Holy Name of Jesus Parish1
Christ the King Parish1Taken
St Charbel Catholic Parish1
Saint Fara  (Saint Burgundofara) Catholic Parish1
St Augustine Catholic Parish1
The Sacred Heart of Jesus1
Saints Perpetua and Felicity1
Saints ZĂ©lie and Louis Martin (the parents of St. Theresa)1
Our Lady of Guadalupe1
Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati1


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