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Naming Our New Parish - Final Stages

Hello everyone, Parish 13, Final Naming, Survey
We are in the final stages of the process for naming our new parish. Thank you to all of you who submitted a name for consideration.  Starting next weekend, you will all have an opportunity to vote on your top picks from the names that have been submitted. We will provide the full list of names submitted divided into two parts – those that are valid options for the name of the new parish and those that cannot be considered along with the reasons they are not valid. 
There are three ways that you can vote for your preference: An email link to a ‘survey monkey’ survey will be sent out to everyone who is on the email listThe survey monkey link will be in the bulletin and on the Transition Team websiteAt the back of both churches there will be ballots with the list of valid names to choose from and a box to submit your responses
Voting will be open on Saturday July 13th and continue for 3 weeks. This will be an honour system and we ask that y…