We are in Transition!

We are in Transition! 

We are moving to a new Parish configuration bringing together Saint Agnes Parish and Saint Thomas Aquinas Canadian Martyrs Parish, ‘bringing our people of faith together and identifying their gifts and talents so that in our new parishes we will have the people necessary to draw upon for transparent models of leadership, shared ministry, in improved structures, focused on becoming missionary disciples.’ Archbishop Anthony Mancini letter to the Archdiocese, January 1, 2019.

There is a Transition Team tasked with developing the roadmap to lead to a single Parish by January 1, 2020. According to NEW PARISHES: STRONGER TOGETHER, the document outlining the process, each new parish will benefit from a greater number of people to draw on, improved and transparent leadership structures, and shared ministry and missions. Each new parish will:

·      Be one parish – one pastoral council, one finance council, one leadership team, one staff
·      Contain multiple churches
·      Provide pastoral care and ministries in collaboration
·      Share human and financial resources
·      Be led by clergy and lay people using their gifts and strengths in a spirit of co-responsibility and mutuality.

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